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What’s on your travel wish list? Let’s start with a conversation. We’ll brainstorm ideas that meet your goals and expectations for this trip and beyond. Is this a straightforward request? We can keep the process simple if your time is limited. Do you need inspiration? We can discuss how you like to travel and the places you want to visit in the future. Life travel planning is one of my favorite things to explore.

This is an opportunity to get to know one another and for me to listen and learn. It is helpful at the Dream and Discover stage to have a realistic idea of your budget.

Step 1


At this stage, I will research and design an itinerary based on your interests, timing and budget. We will discuss whether a planning fee will be charged (see FAQs or ask me for more details). I’ll work with my trusted partners to propose accommodations and activities for you, but I am not limited with whom I can book or by how many times we tweak the initial proposal.

You may be reluctant to use a travel advisor because you love the fun parts of travel planning and want to maintain a level of control. I was this person before I entered the profession. Rest assured that you can be as involved in the process as you wish. I will ensure that the overall itinerary makes sense, delivers on quality and includes onsite support. You can leave the not-so-fun parts to me.

Step 2


You will receive a detailed itinerary that includes important information on travel insurance, cancellation policies and any necessary requirements. When you are ready to book, simply authorize a deposit to secure reservations. Our collaboration will continue with any additional items such as dining reservations, creative ways to spend that free day and important travel updates.

The benefits and joy of travel are not limited to the journey itself, so I will share information to get you excited about the destination. This is especially worthwhile for kids.

Now get ready to depart! Your itinerary will be available on an exclusive travel app for added convenience, and you will have emergency contact information every step of the way.

Step 3

Bon Voyage!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get paid? 

I earn commission from travel suppliers and from any applicable planning and service fees. 

Why should I work with you instead of booking online? 

Short answer: Time, Value, Expertise and Peace of Mind. 

Will I be at a disadvantage booking through you? 

No! It is the opposite. Suppliers value the role of travel advisors and understand that savvy, sophisticated guests use professional travel planning services. They go above and beyond for our clients and will answer our calls. Our business model is based on relationships and trust with hoteliers and other suppliers (ranging from cruise ships to tour outfitters to transportation companies). We offer human solutions to your travel needs based on the friendships we have cultivated worldwide. In fact, these close relationships will often get you upgrades, perks, extra attention, favorable pricing and exclusives offered only to clients of travel advisors. 

Do you charge for your services? 

It depends on the scope of your travel needs and how much time is involved in the planning process. Fees will be discussed during our initial complimentary conversation. 

Planning fees are usually waived for established clients on straightforward hotel and cruise bookings. A perk of being one of our established clients is that you will often receive amenities from booking with us and will gain access to exclusive promotions.

To become an established client, please complete the information form on the Contact page to get the ball rolling. 

Custom itineraries will have a research and planning fee depending on complexity and length of the trip. This fee includes consultation, research, utilization of our global supplier network, quote preparation, itinerary adjustments and confirmation of all parts of the trip. We will also offer recommendations, arrange special experiences and attend to any issues. Clients find that they easily recoup that cost through the value and service that we add. 

Group Trips may require an additional fee depending on the number of decision makers and the nature of the trip. 

Do you book flights? 

We can assist with booking flights, but there may be a service fee associated with this service. Once we get to the flight stage, we will disclose any fees so you can best decide whether to book through us or on your own. We have access to fares that may be better than published rates, especially for business/first class tickets and international flights. Even with an added fee, your total cost might be lower than if you booked yourself.

If you are interested in private charter flights (from small planes to luxurious jets), we have reputable partners who will provide you with quotes. It can be more reasonable than you might imagine, especially for a group. 

Can you help with travel insurance, and is it really necessary? 

We strongly recommend travel insurance to protect your investment and to provide medical support. As we have all learned, travel and health can be unpredictable; it is wise to protect yourself in the event of cancellations, delays, medical emergencies and general assistance along your journey. We can assist in finding the policy that best suits the nature of your trip. There are also annual plan options available for the frequent traveler.

Why should I book a private villa or home through you versus airbnb or Vrbo?

Easy Answer: Vetting, Accountability and 24/7 Support while you are on vacation. We can book private homes ranging from palatial European villas to comfortable beach houses (at varied price points). However, we do not typically book 3-star properties or off-market destinations.