Travel has been a constant in my life. My driving passion has been to explore the world over the past three decades, often in creative ways. Without a doubt, my most impactful travel experience was Semester at Sea: 500 college kids circumnavigating the globe while taking classes aboard a ship. Eleven different countries ranging from Venezuela to Vietnam. What could go wrong? Simply put, it was amazing!

I spent a summer in England as a Rotary Exchange Student mingling with posh high schoolers and joining in their enthusiasm for the World Cup (so very different from Friday nights in a small Texas town). In my 20s, I lived in Germany as an au pair and learned to cook käse späetzle and properly drink Weissbier while exploring Central Europe.

 Law school took me to Santiago, Chile for a business-oriented study abroad where we tasted Carmenere wine and rode horses in the Andes Mountains. I am a big advocate of incorporating travel with education at all levels.

Hi, I’m Kristin Henley

Travel advisor with Departure Lounge and owner of Kristin Henley Travel

Travel Has Enriched and Fueled My Life

In addition to enjoyment, my travels have centered on a desire for learning. I am an admitted nerd when it comes to history and foreign affairs. If you want an in-depth view of a country beyond the sites and places to stay, just ask me! I subscribe to Stratfor, the world’s leading geopolitical intelligence company, and I always keep my finger on the pulse of what’s happening across the globe. For those who prefer to venture off the beaten path, you’ve come to the right place.

Purpose-driven travel is not simply a trend; travelers now desire a greater connection to the places they visit and the people they meet. Bonding through travel will also deepen relationships in your own circle. And, as a bonus, you will collect stories that add spice to holiday dinner conversations for years to come.

I have stayed in exceptional properties including an Aman resort in the countryside of Rajasthan, the ultra-luxe Singita Boulders Lodge in South Africa, and an 18th century Catalonian masía specializing in gourmet food.

Along the way, I created my own bespoke itineraries and perfected the art of a well-planned trip. Traveling with friends has expanded to couples travel, solo travel and family travel. My teen daughter has been to Africa, Asia and Europe, and those trips bridged the gap between family-friendly and sophisticated luxury, with life lessons at every step of the way. 

My early days traveling around the globe as a student and young adult have transitioned to a more refined and mindful level of exploring.


High mountain trekking among volcanoes and galloping a horse across the stunning Atacama desert landscape on a solo adventure to Chile

Unexpectedly catching the Great Migration crossing a public road in Tanzania while on a family safari (and then watching 1000s of wildebeest reverse course after getting spooked by a bicycle)

Celebrating Thanksgiving with expats and locals at a Mutianyu boutique hotel after hiking a section of the Great Wall with virtually no other people

Spotting a leopard in a baobab tree, a cheetah with four grown cubs, a pack of wild dog, and an elusive pangolin on a last-minute jaunt through East Africa

My Favorite Experiences…


You Are in Good Hands

With my destination expertise, insider access and organizational skills attained as an attorney, I will ensure that your investment of time and money is rewarded. 

I collaborate with a team of over 100 other Departure Lounge advisors. Our broad base of contacts and knowledge is built from decades of experience, innovative leadership, and a love of what we do. Departure Lounge is a proud member of Virtuoso (a consortium of the “best of the best” properties and vetted travel suppliers). We maintain strong partnerships with the major players in the luxury market worldwide.

Let's start Planning!

My goal is to understand your vision and personality in order to create a thoughtfully-planned trip that meets your expectations. I will go that extra mile to be your best advocate, from the moment of departure until well after you return home.  

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